AR Jobsite Management System

Engineering-grade augmented reality app for managing building construction.

Engineering-grade AR for construction

vGIS AR provides effortless access to BIM information for everyone at the construction site. Being able to see BIM data in the form of accurate augmented reality visuals overlying the physical world enables workers to consult HVAC, MEP, structural, and other engineering drawings in the most intuitive way possible.

Overlaid with centimeter-level accuracy, augmented reality visuals help prevent errors, rework, project delays, and cost overruns by providing an accurate view of the job at hand.

No special equipment is required. Use devices already in your pocket — Android and iOS devices, or even the futuristic Microsoft HoloLens — to make the system available to everyone.

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Why vGIS AR?

Displaying the current and proposed models as 3D objects in AR gives you a better understanding of your surroundings, increases productivity, helps validate accuracy, reduces errors, and provides a safer work environment.

Composite view of job site with and without BIM overlays helps validate percent completion. Issue reporting and live video chat capabilities improves collaboration and simplifies information flow between teams.

vGIS accepts traditional BIM and GIS files (IFC, DWG, DXF, and many others) or pulls data dynamically from Autodesk Build (BIM 360), Bentley iTwin, Esri ArcGIS, and other repositories to create accurate Augmented Reality (AR) views of surrounding infrastructure on the project site.

When combined with common platforms like Autodesk Build and Esri ArcGIS, vGIS automatically incorporates all changes in the AR view as your data changes at the source.

The benefits of deploying vGIS

  • A user-friendly UI and an easy adoption process
  • Automated data conversion
  • Highly accurate visuals (accurate to within a centimeter)
  • Complete productivity workflows
  • Leading functionality depth
  • Collaboration and remote assistance tools
  • 85%

    faster understanding of surroundings

  • 80%

    faster review of potential clashes

  • 30-50%

    less time required for clash reviews

  • Up to 100%

    reduction in drawing-AR conversions

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Case Study: Augmented reality in construction

Civil construction and engineering-grade AR

Bring your BIM data to your construction site. Powerful integrations with Esri ArcGIS, Bentley iTwin and other sources enable fully automated model retrieval directly from your project repositories, which eliminates the manual effort required to convert BIM and GIS data into 3D objects. Location services display information relevant to each individual user directly on-site.

Announcement from the recent release of the vGIS Indoor AR functionality. The engineering-grade augmented reality from vGIS is deployed to address multiple aspects of a typical construction project – from stakeholder engagement to QA/QC checks to project documentation with reality capture.

vGIS AR Users

Companies from many industries and the government—AEC, utilities, service providers, federal agencies—use vGIS to help their engineers, field supervisors, project managers, and field workers to gain clarity and direction in their work.


use vGIS on job sites to detect design errors, avoid design clashes, and facilitate collaboration among project team members.


use vGIS on job sites to detect design errors, avoid design clashes, and facilitate collaboration among project team members.

Municipalities And Utility Companies

use vGIS on job sites to detect design errors, avoid design clashes, and facilitate collaboration among project team members.

vGIS Use Cases

The best part of vGIS is the way it handles geospatial data - you add the data as you need, from different sources and formats, and the system merges it into a unified digital twin automatically.

You could add the entire underground utility of a city, and the app stills runs smoothly.

  • Dagfinn Solvik-Olsen, CSO
  • Anko AS

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