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Transform traditional Esri GIS data into augmented reality displays and holograms.
Simplify fieldwork, increase safety, gain new insights and reduce errors and delays.

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Leading augmented reality platform for Esri GIS

vGIS is a visualization platform that transforms traditional GIS, CAD and other types of data into stunning augmented reality visuals to solve real-life challenges. From displaying existing infrastructure in the field to visualizing proposed designs on the construction site in full 3D, GIS-powered vGIS products are deployed around the world to simplify field services, improve productivity and safety, and optimize decision-making.

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vGIS difference

Explore our award-winning products built with the holographic, augmented reality, GIS and CAD technologies.
vGIS Utilities

Gain the x-ray-like ability to “see" through the ground to simplify utility locates, assess hidden infrastructure and increase productivity.

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vGIS Planning

Use holographic maps and life-sized object holograms to explain complex projects to stakeholders. Review planning options and “what-if” scenarios in real time.

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vGIS Exploration

See wellbores, frac stages, geology and microseismic events in full 3D. Optimize analysis, planning and production by visualizing 3D information as 3D holograms.

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Custom GIS Projects

You know what you want from your GIS data, and we’re ready to help. vGIS-powered custom applications can give your GIS a new purpose: to solve real-life problems.

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Our Valued Technology Partners
Building the most advanced augmented reality platform for GIS requires more than internal talent. We are proud to partner with these industry leaders.
Meemim has pioneered vGIS technology, allowing organizations like ours, to literally 'see' underground utility locations, in the field, via Microsoft HoloLens. Truly innovative, truly transformative.
  • Len Bundra, Director of GIS and IT
  • Toms River MUA
vGIS Stats
Fun vGIS platform stats.
Smallest vGIS client
person crew
Largest vGIS client
Longest network
km of pipes from a single vGIS client
Smallest vGIS project
sq. km of infrastructure visualized
Fastest vGIS setup
47 seconds
to get a new client up and running
Greatest number of objects
2.5 million
processed through vGIS for a client
Densest visuals
2,600 placemarks
in a 100m/300ft radius around user
WOW reactions
of first-time users say “WOW!”
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