Subsurface Infrastructure Projects Made Easy

Reduced risk, costs, and rework with an easy-to-use tool designed for planning, execution, and as-built documentation.

Tools for Your Trenching and SUE Projects

Our software can be used at every project stage.

Planning: Accelerate workflow by visualizing existing and proposed utilities in real time using digital twin and AR.

Execution: Ensure safe excavation and quick decisions, and address unplanned challenges by deploying construction-grade AR.

As-built: Create highly accurate digital as-built (3D scans and vector) in minutes and without survey crews.

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Our Software Enables

Fast, informed decisions: A 3D reference tool with AR to allow quick and informed decisions when the unexpected or unforeseen occurs.

Accurate validation: Simple AR and digital twin tools to quickly and accurately validate work, perform QC checks, make decisions, and share with anyone, anywhere.

Easy digital documentation: Simple and accurate digitized as-built documentation can be collected by the same crew that performs the work and is immediately available to share.

Industry Case Study

The Benefits of Deploying vSite

  • Lower project complexity by visualizing all relevant data in 3D
  • Minimize risk by avoiding, minimizing, and mitigating errors
  • Reduce costs, with up to 20:1 ROI, by improving productivity, workflow, and utilization
  • Save time by limiting downtime, rework, and site visits
  • 20:1 ROI

    In direct and indirect costs

  • Up to 90%

    faster as-built documentation

  • Up to 2 hours

    Time saving on single-day jobs

  • Up to 100%

    Reduction in survey crew engagements

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Case Study: Augmented reality in construction

Civil construction and engineering-grade AR

This video showcases the benefits of using AR in the AEC space. Atkins/SNC-Lavalin deploys an augmented reality (AR) solution at the bridge construction site commissioned by Parks Canada. This video showcases the benefits of using AR in the AEC space.

Visualizations from a project designed to create the adoption path for AR in the AEC/civil construction industry. The work was performed by the EBC Inc. (Montreal, Canada).

Before, it was a point or a line on a map. Now people see what we are going to do and exactly where the new work will be in the ground. We use vSite to scan the work, collect data, and get on to the next phase.

  • Dirk Bakker, GIS Project Manager
  • Van Gelder Groep

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vGIS saves you time and helps avoid costly mistakes

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