vSite Platform

vGIS is a visualization platform that transforms traditional BIM, GIS, Reality Capture and other types of spatial data into stunning augmented reality visuals. vGIS aggregates data from multiple sources, including Autodesk models, Bentley BIM designs and Esri ArcGIS, to display it in a unified augmented reality view.

vGIS is hardware-agnostic. It can run on any suitable device, including Android and iOS phones, tablets, and Microsoft HoloLens, which allows you to select the optimal tools for the job.

vGIS was designed to give users the best of both worlds: survey-grade accuracy and the ability to use the system on consumer devices without any additional hardware. The system comes with multiple calibration methods that allow indoor and outdoor positioning.

Do you need to review the technical requirements for getting started with vGIS? Download this technical guide to get your questions answered.

Technical Details

Hardware support

vGIS supports over 450 devices across multiple operating systems. We continuously expand device support in order to add suitable hardware to the list. vGIS can work with custom and proprietary devices with minimal customization. Contact us for more information.

Positioning Methods

* Available for custom projects

Positioning Accuracy


  • Horizontal: 1 cm + 1 ppm RMS
  • Vertical: 2 cm + 1 ppm RMS
  • Directional: +/-0.1°


  • Horizontal: sub-15 cm
  • Vertical: N/A
  • Directional: +/-0.1°

* Best-case scenario

Supported formats

vGIS is designed to aggregate data from multiple sources and formats. The system can display 3D models as accurate to-scale holograms and it can convert traditional 2D GIS data into BIM-quality 3D visuals.

* Contact us for more information

** Requires free plugin

Data integration
  • On-demand
  • Automated persistent
  • Real-time 3D models
  • Real-time 2D GIS data with real-time 3D conversion
Deployment options
  • Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Private Microsoft Azure tenant
  • Specialized Microsoft Azure instances
  • Federal Microsoft Azure cloud

* Requires custom implementation project

Security models
  • Public URL
  • Password-protected data sources
  • Token-protected data sources
  • Active directory authentication
  • Custom
  • Cellular
  • Wi-Fi
Data interpretation
  • Real-time conversion from 2D GIS data to 3D visuals
  • User-defined color-coding, 3D symbology and conversion rules
  • ArcGIS symbology
  • Geo-referenced photo/audio reports
  • Geo-referenced video reports
  • Real-time geo-tracking
  • 3D spatial tagging
  • Remote assistance
  • Distance
  • Areas
  • Object to object
  • Ground point to AR objects
  • Multiple ground points and AR objects
Data collection and manipulation
  • Attribute editing
  • Object position adjustments
  • Point data collection
  • Line and area data collection
Visual accuracy components
  • Environmental understanding engine
  • Auto-sizing and auto-scaling
  • Surface scanning