Documentation and Reporting for Utility Locates

Simplify and speed up utility locates with a productivity tool designed for the industry. Document locates in minutes, and instantly share highly detailed reports with your clients.


vSite is a tool that simplifies utility locates, documentation, and reporting.

vSite mobile app enables documenting utility locates with a high level of detail with 3D scans and data collection tools.

All documentation is instantly shareable with your clients as 3D views of locate sites and automatically generated PDF reports that let you stand out from the crowd.

Reuse previous locates from the same area to reapply paint. And if you have existing utilities data, you can improve speed and accuracy of your locates with Augmented Reality.

Use a device already in your pocket—like an Android phone, an iPhone, a tablet—to save time and money.

Explore the case study below to learn about the real-life benefits of vGIS.

Industry Case Study

vSite for Locates

Visualize: Spend less time locating using augmented reality that displays known utilities information. Reuse previous locates from the same area to reapply paint with confidence.

Document: Simple and accurate documentation can be created in minutes by using your phone or tablet to scan in 3D the locate area or draw detailed locate markings with augmented reality.

Report: With just a couple of mouse clicks, you can share with your clients highly detailed 3D views of the job site combined with automatically generated PDF reports.

The Benefits of Deploying vSite

  • Faster and more accurate utility locates
  • Simple and accurate documentation
  • Effortless reporting with intuitive tools
  • AI capabilities for automated reporting
  • Fix Price

    Simple, affordable pricing

  • 35–50%

    faster locates of 30 minutes or longer

  • 12-20 hours

    saved per user monthly

  • Up to 85%

    time savings on repeat locate jobs

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vSite for locates

Subsurface engineering (SUE) in AR

vSite AR (originally called "Meemim App") and how it's deployed by utility locators.

The benefits of high accuracy Augmented Reality (AR) are self-evident for complex infrastructure projects.

Our industry is evolving, and we are dedicated to staying at the forefront.  We must continue to equip our staff with tools, such as vGIS, that help our staff perform their work more accurately and efficiently.
  • Scott Stewart, Vice President
  • Promark

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