Collect and Display Reality Capture Data With AR

vGIS is a leading augmented reality (AR) visualization solution for Reality Capture data. Display your existing LiDAR and Reality Capture models in AR or create Reality Capture models directly from the vGIS apps to improve productivity, reduce errors, and prevent accidents.

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Display Reality Capture in AR

vGIS adds a new dimension to your Reality Capture and LiDAR data by displaying it in augmented reality with centimeter-level accuracy. Review previously documented excavations or perform Reality Capture with just your Android phone, or iPhone, or a tablet to make better decisions and avoid costly mistakes and delays.

With a few lines of code, vGIS integrates with your current Reality Capture providers, such as Autodesk, Bentley, Esri, and Leica, so that you can publish your Reality Capture data from existing archives automatically.

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Why vGIS reality capture?

Displaying Reality Capture data in augmented reality creates instant and comprehensive awareness of the information under review, and it provides the details that experts need to assess complex information remotely.

Being able to see various stages of work in progress or excavations exactly as they were long after the work has been completed opens up new opportunities for auditing job quality, reducing excavation and maintenance costs, reacting more quickly during emergencies, and making use of existing Reality Capture archives.

A few of the many reasons to deploy Reality Capture with vGIS:

  • Highly accurate visuals (accurate to within a centimeter)
  • A user-friendly UI and an easy adoption process
  • Automated data conversion
  • Complete productivity workflows
  • Ability to create Reality Capture models directly from vGIS
  • Built-in collaboration and remote assistance functionality

Situational awareness


faster understanding of surroundings

Asset locates


faster locates in complex situations

Excavation cost


projected reduction per excavation job

Reality capture

<4 minutes

required to complete a scan

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Reality Capture Users

Government organizations and companies from many industries — AEC firms, utilities, service providers, and federal agencies — use vGIS’s Reality Capture capabilities to help their engineers, project managers, and field workers to document excavations and review complex subsurface utilities as if they were physically exposed.

Organizations use vGIS on job sites to reduce excavation costs, detect errors, avoid clashes, and facilitate collaboration among project team members. Contractors use vGIS to reduce delays and speed up work. Municipalities and utility companies use vGIS to find and repair infrastructure and to avoid accidental line cuts during excavations.

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We are very excited about the product, as we believe it brings huge value to the city!
  • Ashley Riggs, Assistant Director of IT
  • City of Auburn

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