About vGIS Inc.

Value hides itself in the structure of data. By helping people “see” data in more intuitive ways, they can do more with that data. That’s been the core operating philosophy of vGIS and founder Alec Pestov.  vGIS was founded in 2016, as an offshoot of another venture Meemim, which was originally founded to help companies and office workers find and unlock value from data hidden in archaic file structures.

It was during a number of engagements with large utilities and engineering firms that we realized that significant value was hiding in the GIS and BIM data that those organizations use to find assets, design infrastructure, and implement projects.  The way the data is used is outdated and unintuitive. As valued Microsoft technology partners we were already experimenting with augmented reality and holograms to more intuitively interact with data and realized that this was a perfect solution for GIS data users.

In early 2019 we formally rebranded the company vGIS to focus 100% on helping GIS data users find the hidden value from data and interact with their data in ways that more natural and intuitive.

vGIS is an innovative augmented reality visualization platform for GIS data, geographic information system (GIS) which is a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing data used by 15+ major industries globally. Our product portfolio includes a visual GIS platform and an array of custom mixed reality applications designed for Microsoft HoloLens.

Currently, vGIS Inc. is an award winning partner of Esri and Microsoft, and a recipient of the ESRI Partner Award (2019) and Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist two years running (2019, 2018). vGIS is currently deployed to visualize infrastructure by more than 80 clients globally.

Esri Emerging Business Partner 2018 - Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner Microsoft