About Meemim | vGIS

                   Esri Emerging Business Partner            2018 - Microsoft Mixed Reality Partner

The Meemim | vGIS Team‘s philosophy is “visual and practical.”

Our goal is to create highly functional, visually appealing, easy-to-use tools that address specific business challenges. This approach is applied to every engagement and embedded in the final realization of each project.

We do not create futuristic-looking replicas of conventional tools. Instead, we focus on identifying use cases where augmented-reality (AR), mixed-reality (MR) and virtual-reality (VR) visualization systems are the best technology to get the job done.

We partner with industry experts to utilize their domain knowledge and add necessary depth and breadth to our systems. Combined with our “know-how,” the resulting solutions have unmatched capabilities in their respective areas, helping their users to perform jobs better, faster, and safer.

vGIS platform is developed and operated by Meemim Inc.