About vGIS Inc.

During several engagements, we realised that engineering, architecture, and construction companies have a lot of useful data in their design drawings, BIM, and GIS data however they are not optimizing it’s use in the field. Much of the data is siloed, paper based, and/or in 2 dimensional formats, resulting in slow downs, errors, and increased costs.

In 2019, we launched vGIS to address the specific need of data underusage in the field and to reduce the distance between the field and the office. We used our experience working with augmented reality and holograms, as we realized it allowed users to more intuitively interact with data, to launch our prototype.  From there we have rapidly developed capabilities to meet our clients’ needs.

vSite (www.vgis.io) is an efficiency tool for the construction, engineering, and architect space that uses augmented reality and digital twin to allow customers to quickly view projects in 3D, accurately validate, and digitize as-builts with scans and photos.  Our clients report a reduction in project complexity, risk, and costs while increasing their workflow efficiency.

We are an award-winning partner of Esri and Microsoft, and a recipient of the ESRI Partner Award (2023, 2019) and Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist three years running (2020, 2019, 2018).  We work with hundreds of clients across the globe to make them more efficient by optimizing the use of their data.  We reduce the space between the office and the field.