Instant confidence in your GIS data

Use AR to collect geospatial data with survey-grade accuracy. Identify and correct inaccuracies in your GIS records. Effortlessly generate site sketches.


Use survey-grade AR data-collection tools to reduce the time and cost required to collect data. Receive instant visual feedback to identify inaccuracies in that data.

The centimeter-level accuracy of vGIS enables you to visually identify any problems with your GIS data and correct your records if necessary. Enjoy all the benefits of traditional survey-grade GIS data collection combined with the AR-powered ability to validate your data visually.

Employ easy-to-use tools to create site sketches in AR. Validate the accuracy of the sketch without leaving the job site, and export it to your favorite CAD and GIS software.

Take advantage of real-time integration with Esri ArcGIS to update your Esri records directly from vGIS, without the need for intermediate steps to import and export.

Why collect GIS data with AR?

Validate the integrity of your GIS data by overlaying it on the real world as holograms.

Traditional methods of collecting data may encourage a mistaken degree of confidence in data that is insufficiently accurate. Augmented reality leaves nothing to the imagination. Any vertical and horizontal misalignments prominently appear in augmented reality, practically demanding to be corrected.

Integrate your preferred surveying software and the real-time data visualization of vGIS into a single system. Collect data with Esri Field Maps, Leica Zeno Mobile, and other tools; then switch to vGIS to inspect the accuracy of the data that you have collected—all in just one session and without any preliminary steps to prepare the data.

The benefits of deploying vGIS

  • Visual data collection with centimeter-level accuracy
  • Data acquisition that costs less and takes less time
  • Instant visual-data quality checks
  • Real-time Esri ArcGIS data updates
  •  Integration with existing workflows
  • User-friendly, fast, easy-to-use
  • Up to 95%

    less time to identify data issues

  • Up to 80%

    cost reduction in updating GIS records

  • Up to 70%

    reduction in job and task redundancies

  • Up to 90%

    less time to perform data quality checks

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Data collection with high-accuracy AR

Creating a georeferenced site sketch with AR

Collect and update GIS data (Esri ArcGIS and other GIS types) with high-accuracy augmented reality. Instantly validate data accuracy and fix error without leaving the job site.

y. vGIS's "site sketching" demo. The video demonstrates how to quickly create a georeferenced view of a job site with augmented reality.

vGIS AR Users

Companies from many industries and the government—AEC, utilities, service providers, federal agencies—use vGIS to help their engineers, field supervisors, project managers, and field workers to gain clarity and direction in their work.


use vGIS on job sites to detect design errors, avoid design clashes, and facilitate collaboration among project team members.


use vGIS on job sites to detect design errors, avoid design clashes, and facilitate collaboration among project team members.

Municipalities And Utility Companies

use vGIS on job sites to detect design errors, avoid design clashes, and facilitate collaboration among project team members.

vGIS Use Cases
Our industry is evolving, and we are dedicated to staying at the forefront.  We must continue to equip our staff with tools, such as vGIS, that help our staff perform their work more accurately and efficiently.
  • Scott Stewart, Vice President
  • Promark

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