vGIS Use Cases

Our platform is designed to simplify the conversion of GIS data into augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR). Please review the key features of the vGIS platform below.

Utility locates

vGIS Utilities uses real-time survey grade augmented reality to display underground utility infrastructure on top of a physical job site to help you locate underground assets quickly, while helping you avoid mistakes, using common mobile devices or upcoming holographic displays like Hololens.

Maintenance work

Regular maintenance of infrastructure can be made more efficient, by making it easier for field workers to locate underground assets and above ground access points and shut off valves. Excavation errors and accidental strikes are minimized.

Data collection

Using vGIS Utilities, maintenance workers and line locators can not only see discrepancies in GIS data, but use built in reporting features to quickly flag line location data for correction, improving your overall GIS data accuracy and value at virtually no additional cost.

Infrastructure projects

During large infrastructure projects, keeping field workers from multiple utilities and construction firms on the same page can be impossible. Miscommunications can lead to accidental line cuts and project delays. vGIS Utilities can help Infrastructure project leads and field workers constantly aware of all underground infrastructure, preventing errors, delays and cost overruns.

Worker safety

vGIS Utilities can improve worker safety by minimizing the amount of time required to be in traffic or other hazardous spaces trying to locate underground infrastructure.

Emergency response

vGIS Utilities can help emergency response field teams work quickly to identify underground infrastructure that must be avoided or shut off prior to any emergency digging when responding to accidents, floods, water main breaks, and other critical incidents.

Oil and Gas site maintenance

vGIS exploration helps field workers quickly identify underground pipes and cables connecting to oil field equipment, which helps them locate infrastructure quickly and find assets when they need to be maintained and repaired.

Clash detection

vGIS Construction can help engineers, GIS specialists and project managers find more design clashes and covert errors by providing an augmented reality view of prospective designs, GIS data, and site information. By viewing designs from all angles, clashes might be overlooked are more likely to be found, preventing errors and potential cost overruns.

Design reviews

Engineers, Decision Makers, and Project Stakeholders can have more productive design reviews by transforming 2 dimensional blueprint discussions into immersive 3d augmented reality walkthroughs. By being able to see the impact of design choices, design teams can make better informed design decisions faster, and catch potential design flaws before they occur.

On-site inspections

By using vGIS Construction, project managers and field services teams can instantly see if their project is proceeding according to design plans. Project designs can be overlayed actual construction work, making any errors more likely to stand out and allowing field services teams to find them earlier.

Measurement taking

Using survey grade Augmented Reality on any mobile device, and industry standard GNSS/RTK devices, vGIS Construction can help field services teams take more accurate project field measurements. This can help project managers and site managers make faster, better informed construction project decisions.

Field-office collaboration

With vGIS Construction Field teams and head office project managers and design teams can easily share the same visualizations of project designs and how they interact with construction site realities and challenges to better communicate and coordinate project design and implementation. Rather than relying on manual measurements and comparing against blueprints, teams can use 3d data to make comparisons.

Customer on-site reviews

Easily communicate project progress by allowing stakeholders to compare onsite construction efforts vs an augmented reality view of the expected project design.

Customer presentations and proposals

vGIS construction can help design and construction firms be more effective in competitive bidding situations by being able to show prospective clients exactly how design proposals would look on a project development site.


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vGIS features the best augmented reality for GIS AR ArcGIS Esri Trimble Leica BIM MR Bentley mixed reality hololens 2

vGIS features

vGIS simplifies the conversion of GIS data into augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR)

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vGIS benefits high-accuracy survey grade augmented reality for GIS AR ArcGIS Esri Trimble Leica BIM MR Bentley mixed reality hololens 2

System benefits

vGIS saves you time and helps avoid costly mistakes

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A few of many reasons to deploy vGIS Utilities

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