BIM, GIS, and 3D scans with MS HoloLens

Use the power of Microsoft HoloLens to display BIM models, GIS data, and 3D scans in lifelike holograms. Future-proof your operations while creating value today.

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vGIS uses the Microsoft HoloLens to visualize BIM, GIS, and 3D scan data as holograms to create a natural extension of the real world.

By integrating natively with the BIM and GIS formats, vGIS eliminates the need to prepare and process data manually. Once updated in Autodesk Build (BIM 360), Bentley iTwin, or Esri ArcGIS your data automatically appears as 3D holograms.

Deployed to optimize field services and improve decision-making in boardrooms with real-time bird’s-eye views, vGIS products designed for the HoloLens deliver real-world benefits.

vGIS App Components

High-accuracy Positioning

No more QR codes or markers. vGIS's HoloLens app uses the same patented and patent-pending algorithms that give vGIS mobile apps their superior accuracy.

The technology enables automatic, real-time outdoor positioning that is accurate to within a centimeter and +/-0.05°, projecting 3D holograms exactly where they should be. vGIS features real-time drift detection that corrects any positioning or directional inaccuracies automatically.

The technology can be applied much more widely than in the use cases that are currently being targeted with the vGIS system, and vGIS licenses positional technology to other companies.

A few of the many reasons to deploy vGIS:

  • Visuals with centimeter-level accuracy
  • Automated conversion of data from multiple BIM, GIS, and 3D scan formats
  • Dynamic bird's-eye-view capabilities
  • Productivity tools and workflows
  • Remote assistance capabilities


Up to 1cm

real-time horizontal accuracy


Up to 0.05°

real-time directional accuracy

Situational awareness


faster understanding of designs

Clash reviews


less time required for clash reviews

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Featured vGIS client - Promark-Telecon

vGIS client explains benefits of HoloLens

vGIS AR Users

AEC companies, service providers, public utilities, municipalities, and federal agencies all use vGIS app running on HoloLens to view complex structures and investigate problems.

Although mobile apps serve well in a fast-paced environment, such as that of municipal maintenance work, HoloLens really shines when visuals involve multi-layered objects like the utility infrastructures of a downtown core, reality capture, and building visualizations.

Recognizing that tools like HoloLens are the future of field services, vGIS clients are beginning to deploy it to prepare themselves operationally. Ubiquitous and diverse deployments have helped us gather a wealth of first-hand data on the applicability of HoloLens. This experience informs the practical advice that we offer our clients to help them put the HoloLens to the best possible use.

vGIS Use Cases
vGIS’s holographic vGIS will help OHM take our ideas further—from visionary to achievable. This is what we at OHM Advisors like to call solutions.
  • Michael Cousins, GIS Manager
  • OHM Advisors

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