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Use the power of Microsoft HoloLens to display GIS data, CAD models and infrastructure as holograms.
Future-proof your operations while delivering real-life benefits today.

Augmented reality app Esri GIS

Your CAD and GIS data in full 3D

vGIS unlocks the power of Microsoft HoloLens to visualize CAD and GIS data as holograms to create a natural extension of the real world.

vGIS integrates natively with the commonly-used GIS and CAD formats, which eliminates the need for manual data preparation and processing – once updated in Esri ArcGIS or Bentley iModelHub, data automatically appears as 3D holograms in your field of view.

Deployed to optimized field services and improve decision-making in the boardrooms, vGIS products designed for HoloLens deliver real-life benefits to the end users.

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Augmented reality app Esri GIS

Native multi-format support

vGIS natively integrates with Bentley iModelHub, Esri ArcGIS GIS, Bing Maps, Esri Basemaps, Google Maps, Open Street Maps and other services to construct stunning holographic visuals that solve business challenges.

Information can be uploaded into vGIS through the vGIS Portal. vGIS can also link directly into your data source through the vendor-provided APIs to establish real-time connectivity that doesn’t require any manual work.

To review a complete list of supported formats, click the button below.

vGIS format support
Augmented reality app Esri GIS

Work with a Shared Vision

Effective collaboration is crucial, that’s why all vGIS products come with the “Shared View” functionality embedded in them.

“Shared View” lets multiple users see the same hologram at the same time, simplifying troubleshooting, project planning and situation assessments. The process is similar to running a web-meeting, only instead of screen-sharing, users operate with holograms.

vGIS “Shared View” recognizes whether the meeting participants are in the same room or connected remotely to adjust holographic settings for optimal viewing. This smart location recognition helps deliver the most natural collaborative experience.

Augmented reality app Esri GIS

No Implementation Required

vGIS is a “turn-key” solution that doesn’t require long implementations or costly consulting engagements. It can be configured in minutes using only the vGIS Portal – an intuitive web-based tool that let you manage all aspects of your company in vGIS.

Self-learning tools and intuitive web-based documentation simplify onboarding. vGIS is easy to get started with regardless of the technical knowledge.

Augmented reality app Esri GIS

Extensive HoloLens Experience

vGIS clients are many and located all over the world, putting vGIS to use in varied operating environments, climates and application types. These ubiquitous and diverse deployments have helped us accumulate a wealth of first-hand data on the applicability of HoloLens and augmented reality in general in different industries and environments.

Our experience translated into the practical advice that we offer to our clients to help them put HoloLens to best use.

vGIS Client - Promark-Telecon

Esri GIS-powered Augmented reality is transforming infrastructure locate services.

HoloLens and GIS

vGIS Utilities experience on HoloLens (native recording).
Meemim’s holographic vGIS will help OHM take our ideas further—from visionary to achievable. This is what we at OHM Advisors like to call solutions.
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