From HoloVision to HoloValue in Record Time

HoloLens + spatial data + your vision

We can make your vision a reality by leveraging our experience with spatial data and visualization technologies.

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    Oil and gas, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms accumulate vast amounts of BIM and GIS data. Visualization tools unlock more of the value of this data by putting it to new uses.

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    Blending the physical and the virtual, mixed reality allows users to experience virtual objects as if they were part of the real world. It creates countless opportunities for developing cutting-edge productivity apps.

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    Augmented Reality

    The ubiquity of mobile devices means that you can put your app into everyone’s pocket. The accessibility of augmented reality makes it part of a natural user experience in a broad range of industrial applications.

Engineering a Better Way to Visualize Spatial Data

Solidify Your Vision

We have the industry experience and expertise in mixed reality that are needed to turn your ideas and data into practical applications.

“vGIS helped us develop a clear path for what we wanted to do with HoloLens.” - Gulfport Energy


Minimize Project Timelines

Thanks to the tens of thousands of project hours we have invested in integrating HoloLens with spatial data for the AEC and oil and gas industries, we can accelerate the development of your project.

“The vGIS team knew exactly what to look for and how to instrument our data into 3D experiences.” - TRMUA


Maximize Outcomes

It’s your vision. We’re just helping you actualize it. With your ideas and our expertise, we can create spatial visualization experiences that deliver real value to your business.

“Our engineering teams can spot errors faster, and make better decisions that have prevented cost overruns.” - EWR



Your product. Your branding.

If your product requires custom branding to fit within your product portfolio, vGIS can white-label the app even if it is built with vGIS components.

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Design Reviews

Make your design reviews more productive by transforming discussions of 2D blueprints into immersive walkthroughs of 3D mixed reality.

Limitless Possibilities

Countless Applications

Proposal Previews

Be a more effective competitor by showing prospective bidders and clients exactly what needs to be done and exactly how design proposals would look when completed.

On-Site Inspections

Field services teams can see—instantly—whether their projects are proceeding according to design plans.

Looking for new applications?

An Award-Winning Team

Our team has been consistently recognized as one of the best in the industry for our work visualizing spatial data.


A History Of Success

We are experts in geospatial MR and AR with a history of delivering highly successful industry solutions. Among them is vGIS Utilities, a ground-breaking visualization platform for spatially referenced data. Deployed by companies around the world, vGIS has helped them to increase productivity while reducing accidents.

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