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The #1 augmented reality system for Esri GIS designed for municipalities and public utility companies. vGIS Utilities combines GIS technology with augmented reality to display infrastructure—pipes, lines, cables and other assets—in-field and in real time.

Augmented reality app Esri GIS

GIS data in Augmented Reality

vGIS Utilities transforms traditional “flat” GIS data into augmented reality displays and holograms overlain on your view of a physical job site.

Use a device already in your pocket—Android phone, iPhone, or a tablet—or even the futuristic Microsoft HoloLens to “see” your underground utility infrastructure as you tour a work area. Water pipes, sewage systems, gas and electrical lines appear in your field of view as a natural extension of the real world.

vGIS creates instant awareness of your surroundings, saving you time and helping you avoid costly mistakes. Explore the case study below to learn more about vGIS’s real-life benefits.

Industry Case Study
Augmented reality app Esri GIS

Who uses vGIS Utilities?

Municipalities, public utility companies and service providers such as utility locators use vGIS Utilities to help their field workforce, GIS specialists, project managers, engineers, field supervisors and others gain clarity and direction for the work at hand.

Organizations use vGIS to find and repair infrastructure, avoid accidental line cuts during excavations and address GIS documentation gaps. Utility locates teams use vGIS to speed up line identification and quality checks. Contractors rely on vGIS to reduce delays and speed up work. Explore the client case study below to learn more about vGIS real-life deployments.

Client Case Study
Augmented reality app Esri GIS

Why vGIS Utilities?

vGIS Utilities increases situational awareness by letting users see the infrastructure around them in the most natural way. Greater situational awareness and a greater understanding of one’s surroundings lead to higher productivity, a reduction in human errors and a safer work environment.

Do you need your GIS data to be perfect to get started? No. Will you incur the costs and troubles of a long implementation? No. Do you need to buy hardware? No. Please check our FAQ section to get more of your questions answered.

Not all augmented reality systems are created equal. Click on the button below to explore what makes vGIS Utilities the #1 augmented reality solution for GIS.

vGIS Difference

vGIS Client - Promark-Telecon

Esri GIS-powered Augmented reality is transforming infrastructure locate services.

vGIS Utilities Video Overview

Brief video showcasing a few features of the vGIS Utilities.

vGIS Utilities Users

vGIS Utilities app has been deployed in 20 countries on 5 continents to improve field services. Meet a few vGIS Utility clients.
Product Benefits
for active users
for casual users
Time savings
12–20 hours
per month for active users
Asset locates
faster locates of 30 minutes or longer
Quality assurance
less time required for locate validations
Situational awareness
faster understanding of surrounding infrastructure
GIS issue reporting
quicker record-correction submissions
Increased user happiness
(results may vary with personality)
Our industry is evolving, and we are dedicated to staying at the forefront.  We must continue to equip our staff with tools, such as vGIS, that help our staff perform their work more accurately and efficiently.
  • Scott Stewart, Vice President
  • Promark
Key Features
Exceptional Accuracy
Up to 3–5 cm/1.5–2 in. location accuracy and ±0.1° directional accuracy
Stable Visualizations
3D Augmented Reality overlays stay “world-locked” by remaining in sync with the physical world
Multi-Device Support
vGIS can be used with iPhones, Android phones, Microsoft HoloLens, and Windows Mixed Reality
No Additional Equipment
Runs with high-accuracy and high-fidelity on consumer devices without additional equipment
Multiple Positioning Methods
Support of three positioning methods: vGIS calibration, GNSS/RTK-based and advanced hybrid
GIS Data Collection
Comprehensive GIS data collection and issue reporting capabilities
Advanced Collaboration
Integrated holograms, video, and audio that connect the office with field teams
GIS Integration
Bi-directional integration with Esri ArcGIS and other GIS systems
Multi-Format Support
Support of Esri API, WMS/WFS, Shapefile, KML, Geo database and other formats
GNSS Integration
Compatible with high-precision GNSS devices from EOS, Leica, SXBlue, Trimble and others
Multi-View Support
First-person on-site experience and birds-eye “zoom out” site overviews
GIS Object Support
Supports visualization of points, lines, areas, and 3D objects
3D Object Support
Compatible with 3D models from Esri CitiEngine and other packages
IoT Integration
Capabilities of displaying real-time IoT and sensory data in Augmented Reality views
3rd-Party API Support
Additional bi-directional integration options through native APIs

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