You have ideas, we have the tools

The vGIS visualization platform brings your ideas to life in augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR).

Augmented reality app Esri GIS

See your GIS data your way

You have a vision of how to use your GIS data in a unique way. We’re ready to help.

Use our customization services to transform your concept into practical visual solutions. Our platform is designed to simplify the conversion of GIS data into augmented-reality (AR), mixed-reality (MR), and virtual-reality (VR) systems so we can deliver the end product faster, better, and with predictable quality.

Augmented reality app Esri GIS

Let’s scope it out

You may have an industry-specific need that is not currently addressed by augmented-reality, mixed-reality and virtual-reality spaces. Together, let’s define your desired end result and the required inputs.

GIS, maps, 3D models, CAD—all kinds of geo-referenced data, architectural objects and assets—can be combined into one single virtual format using vGIS. From there on, we develop a purpose-built system that is optimized for your industry using your workflow and integrated with your workforce with user interfaces that your team are familiar with.

Augmented reality app Esri GIS

Realize additional benefits

Past application development experience shows that new benefits arise as the application moves into production and field testing.

New features can be easily accommodated, making your original concept even more useful and powerful.

We are very excited about the product, as we believe it brings huge value to the city!
  • Ashley Riggs, Assistant Director of IT
  • City of Auburn

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