New Purpose For Your GIS Data

Transform GIS data into 3D holograms to gain new insights, simplify common tasks,
reduce errors and delays, and increase safety.

Our Valued Technology Partners
We are proud to work with these industry leaders
vGIS Utilities

Gain the x-ray-like ability to “see through” the ground to assess hidden infrastructure, gain situational awareness, and increase productivity.

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vGIS Planning

Use holographic maps and life-sized object holograms to explain complex projects to stakeholders. Review planning options and “what-if” scenarios in real time.

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vGIS Exploration

See geological formations and drilling progress in full 3D. Optimize planning, exploration, and production by visualizing project sites as real-time 3D holograms.

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Custom GIS Projects

You know what you want from your GIS data, and we’re ready to help. vGIS-powered custom applications can give your GIS a new purpose: to solve real-life problems.

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Transform GIS data into Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual Reality

vGIS is a platform that transforms typical GIS data into augmented-, mixed-, or virtual-reality solutions. By merging and then visualizing information from multiple sources, such as ArcGIS, Esri maps, and custom client data, vGIS delivers practical productivity tools that address real-life challenges. vGIS supports the full spectrum of devices—from phones and tablets to Microsoft HoloLens and virtual reality goggles—to give you the optimal tools for the job.

vGIS Clients
Meet typical vGIS clients and learn why they use vGIS
Meemim has pioneered vGIS technology, allowing organizations like ours, to literally 'see' underground utility locations, in the field, via Microsoft HoloLens. Truly innovative, truly transformative.
  • Len Bundra, Director of GIS and IT
  • Toms River MUA
vGIS Stats
Fun and useful vGIS platform stats
Smallest vGIS client
person crew
Largest vGIS client
Longest network
km of pipes from a single vGIS client
Smallest vGIS project
sq. km of infrastructure visualized
Asset locates
less time taken to locate assets
Mark-out jobs
time saved on mark-out jobs
faster understanding of surrounding infrastructure
Issue reporting
less time required to report as-built vs. as-documented discrepancies

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