HoloLens 2 is unveiled
Feb 24, 2019   |  Views : 4405

The wait is over! Microsoft has unveiled HoloLens 2, a next-generation mixed-reality headset that will continue to change the way work gets done.

HoloLens 2 will be more immersive and comfortable than the original, and provide “industry-leading value out of the box.” HoloLens 2 has more than double the field of view of its predecessor while improving countless other factors.

It is a big leap forward for mixed reality, which is more widely known as “extended reality” now. And the best part? vGIS will be HoloLens 2-compatible from Day 1. We will take advantage of the new capabilities to bring greatly improved GIS-powered products to utilities, municipalities, and construction.

Please bookmark this page to follow our HoloLens 2 compatibility updates.

We are proud to be featured as a Microsoft Launch Partner throughout the event, and receiving a nod from the Microsoft HoloLens team for the custom work we’ve done for the original HoloLens device.

Introducing Microsoft HoloLens 2 Video

Event page: https://news.microsoft.com/microsoft-at-mwc19/

vGIS Team
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