The Most Innovative Technologies

HoloLens + spatial data + your vision

We can make your vision a reality by leveraging our experience with spatial data and visualization technologies.

  • hololens

    Mixed Reality

    Blending the physical and the virtual, mixed reality allows users to experience virtual objects as if they were part of the real world. It creates countless opportunities for developing the most advanced productivity and entertainment apps.

  • IPhone

    Augmented Reality

    The ubiquity of mobile devices lets you put your app into everyone’s pocket. Augmented reality’s accessibility and ease of use make it part of a natural user experience in a broad range of industrial and general-purpose applications.

  • vr

    Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality immerses users in computer-generated worlds. From design reviews to training to virtual tours, virtual reality helps users experience objects, tasks and environments on a whole new level.

The Most Innovative Technologies

How AR/MR/VR Can Help You?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Use powerful AR/MR/VR presentations, demos and prototypes to wow your clients, partners and employees.



Augment workers’ worlds with easily accessible visual aids and manuals. Having answers at their fingertips helps to improve productivity, reduce costs and minimize errors.



Use immersive experiences to guide your staff through onboarding and training, which helps to get them up to speed faster and more efficiently.



Make dry, boring tasks engaging and enjoyable. “Gamifying” the user experience by replacing traditional tools and methods with interactive visuals has the immediate benefit of higher user engagement and participation.

wheel loader

Transportation, Warehousing And Logistics

Visualization of routes and facilities

Limitless Possibilities For Different Industries

Education, Museums And Exhibitions

Supplement users’ experiences with visual and audio aids

Oil/Gas And Mining

Complete solutions for exploration, extraction and production

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Our Partners

Being pioneers we got a lot of experience. We have already developed useful product that works in GIS sphere.


A History Of Success

We are the leading AR/MR/VR experts, with a history of highly successful developed industry solutions. Among them is vGIS, a ground-breaking visualization platform for spatially referenced data. vGIS has been used and deployed by companies around the world, assisting them in achieving higher productivity and reducing accidents

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