Video Library: BIM, CAD, GIS and Augmented Reality

Tips and Tricks


Microsoft HoloLens 2 – Bright light solution

This tutorial demonstrates a non-invasive solution for the bright light issue.


Microsoft HoloLens 2 – Hardhat

This tutorial shows how to attach HoloLens 2 to a hardhat without external adapters.


vGIS Intro Videos


The AR System for GIS and BIM

vGIS Utilities is the most advanced augmented reality solution for BIM and GIS visualizations.


Augmented reality for 811

Virginia 811’s ticket requests added the AR functionality to help excavators identify the location and nature of the proposed excavation activity by placing specific features on a map.


“Digital Twin” in Augmented Reality

“Digital Twin” is the future of not just a few “Smart Cities,” but almost any infrastructure network. For the “Digital Twin” concept to work, data should be presented in a way that facilitates a better understanding of the surroundings by the end user.


GIS data collection with AR

A short video explaining the benefits of collecting Esri GIS data with augmented reality.


vGIS Utilities video overview

Brief video showcasing a few features of the vGIS Utilities. vGIS Utilities is designed specifically with utilities, municipalities and GIS service providers in mind. The system connects to Esri ArcGIS to seamlessly convert traditional 2D GIS data into powerful, accurate and stable 3D visuals.


vGIS Exploration introduction

Designed specifically for Oil and Gas companies, vGIS Exploration works in conjunction with your existing Esri ArcGIS back-end to display wellbores, frac stages, microseismic events, rock formations, production, etc. in near real-time.


vGIS Client Videos



Augmented reality is transforming infrastructure locate services.


Mission Support Alliance

MSA Mixed Reality Operations.



Bewoners beslissen mee met behulp van 3D.



Have you ever wanted to visualize what lies under the pavement? Or what lies underneath a plot of land that you want to develop? Using GIS data, we can make that a reality. Take your stakeholders on an interactive adventure with True View.



ewp führt erfolgreichen Augmented Reality-Pilot durch. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter: (Stichwort vgis)


Vorarlberg Netz

Augmented Reality bei Vorarlberg Netz.


vGIS Lab Videos


Esri GIS data collection with AR

A brief video of GIS data collection done with augmented reality. The data collection functionality is offered as a component of the vGIS Utilities system working in conjunction with the Esri ArcGIS back-end.


Why objects appear misaligned

A short video explaining why some assets displayed in augmented reality appear misaligned.


Why pipes appear to move

A short video explaining why some assets displayed in augmented reality appear to move around.


vGIS distance tracking tests

Lab testing of distance tracking and visual accuracy of vGIS Utilities. The tests are performed by aligning physical objects with virtual, and measuring accuracy of visuals and distance tracking in various environments to optimize the system for real-life field work.


Winter testing of vGIS Utilities

Field performance of vGIS augmented reality on iPhone.


Performance testing

Winter performance testing of vGIS Utilities.


Locating distribution valves with AR

Locating distribution valves with vGIS Utilities running on iPhone 6S.


Locate job – QA checks with vGIS

A real-life locate job validation with vGIS running on iPhone.


Utility locates in winter

Finding utility assets can be an unpleasant task, especially in winter when snow and slush makes it difficult to see anything on the ground. Fortunately, there are tools to make the job easier.


vGIS Utilities v1.0

vGIS Utilities v1.0 running on Microsoft HoloLens.


3D visualization of GPS scans

The demo shows real-life visualization of GPR scans in full 3D with 3cm accuracy on location, allowing the user to walk around visuals as if they were the physical objects.