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vGIS, the vendor of a leading high-accuracy platform that uses augmented reality (AR) to visualize BIM, GIS, and Reality Capture data, announced today that its integration with BIM 360®, a construction management software which is part of Autodesk Construction Cloud™, is now available.

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The new integration offers a complete BIM-to-AR workflow to BIM 360 users. Using the latest in AR and holographic visualization technology, the new integration enables construction teams that manage their projects in BIM 360 to visualize BIM models and designs in augmented and mixed reality in vGIS. The end users will “see” complex BIM data in the most natural way possible—as 3D holograms superimposed on the job site with centimeter-level accuracy.

“We built vGIS to help engineers and field service workers solve real-life problems, improve productivity, and avoid mistakes,” says Alec Pestov, founder and CEO of vGIS Inc. “Integration with BIM 360 dramatically streamlines the workflow. With just a few clicks, our clients can continue managing their projects with BIM 360 while using augmented and mixed reality to display their models.”

Although use of AR and mixed reality is gaining general acceptance across architecture, engineering, and construction, the process of converting data from BIM designs to AR–ready models had been cumbersome and time-consuming. It took time and effort to perform the many manual steps required to create models suitable for AR. Accurate model positioning had also been a challenge, often requiring that QR codes or markers be carefully placed and maintained around the job site.

The integration solves these problems by providing a fully automated solution. vGIS absorbs BIM 360 models to automatically produce AR and mixed reality visuals that are overlaid on the user’s view of a physical job site. Customers can gain instant and comprehensive awareness of their surroundings, saving time and preventing costly mistakes and delays.

Use vGIS on devices such as an Android phone, an iPhone, or a tablet—or even the Microsoft HoloLens—to observe your designs and underground utility infrastructures as you tour a work area. Buildings, water and sewage systems, gas and electrical lines, and other structures appear in your field of view as a natural extension of the real world.

“Our goal is to reduce administrative overhead by removing all the tedious steps required to convert data manually,” says Pestov. “Our integration with BIM 360 makes it happen.”

“Construction projects today are more complex than ever,” says James Cook, head of integrations at Autodesk Construction Solutions. “We strive to help simplify building processes and partnering with vGIS will enable our customers to easily visualize their projects in AR and mixed reality. They can see design and building intent while they work and, as a result, reduce mistakes to keep projects on schedule and within budget.

To learn more about the BIM 360 integration, email the vGIS Team at

About vGIS Inc.

vGIS Inc. (Toronto, ON) is a software vendor with expertise in designing visualization solutions using spatial data. vGIS’s critically acclaimed platform, which pioneered holographic GIS visualization of utility infrastructure and objects, has been deployed to improve productivity and reduce errors by nearly a hundred organizations around the world. For more information, please visit

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