Geoawesomeness interviews vGIS CEO
Mar 12, 2019   |  Views : 2463

All modern towns and cities have extensive and complex networks of underground facilities – water, sewer, or natural gas, telephone, and fiber-optic lines. As more facilities go underground, the underground network becomes more complicated, making accurate identification of each more difficult. Since utility workers are unable to see buried assets directly, they rely on maps and information provided by others, and some of that information is antiquated or inaccurate.  This often results in unintended damage to buried lines. According to Canadian Common Ground Alliance,  undertaking a digging project without the knowledge of where underground infrastructure is located, is the most frequent cause of damage to buried infrastructure. That damage is estimated at $6B annually for North America alone.

This is where vGIS comes in! vGIS Utilities grants companies with underground assets an age-old wish: to see through the ground. Had the opportunity to chat with their founder, Alec Pestov, to learn more about their product, their vision, and their business model. Read on! 

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vGIS Team
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