Why vGIS reality capture?

Displaying 3D scans in augmented reality permits instant and comprehensive awareness of the information being reviewed and provides the details that experts need to assess complex information remotely.

vGIS allows you to perform 3D scans either directly from vGIS or by using your existing provider, such as Leica Infinity or Pix4D.

Being able to see various stages of work in progress or excavations exactly as they were long after the work has been completed gives you new opportunities to audit job quality, reduce excavation and maintenance costs, and react more quickly during emergencies.

A few of many reasons to use AR and 3D scanning:

  • Georeferenced 3D scans with centimeter-level accuracy
  • A cost of documentation lower than that of other methods
  • Indisputable audit trails
  • Ability to generate 3D scan directly from the vGIS app
  • Built-in vGIS scanning that makes manual processing unnecessary
  • Complete productivity workflows