Why vGIS data collection?

Validate the integrity of your GIS data by overlaying it on the real world as holograms.

Traditional methods of collecting data may encourage a mistaken degree of confidence in data that is insufficiently accurate. Augmented reality leaves nothing to the imagination. Any vertical and horizontal misalignments prominently appear in augmented reality, practically demanding to be corrected.

Integrate your preferred surveying software and the real-time data visualization of vGIS into a single system. Collect data with Esri Field Maps, Leica Zeno Mobile, and other tools; then switch to vGIS to inspect the accuracy of the data that you have collected—all in just one session and without any preliminary steps to prepare the data.

A few of the many reasons to use the AR-based data collection of vGIS:

  • Visual data collection with centimeter-level accuracy
  • Data acquisition that costs less and takes less time
  • Instant visual-data quality checks
  • Real-time Esri ArcGIS data updates
  • Integration with existing workflows
  • User-friendly, fast, easy-to-use