New productivity capabilities

Record videos, take photos, and add voice and text notes to create georeferenced reports that are digitally linked to objects requiring attention. Tag objects with augmented reality tags so that others can quickly locate notes anywhere on the job site.

Use the remote assistance capabilities of vGIS to enable knowledge sharing that increases productivity and reduces costs. Use your regular Android, iOS, or Microsoft HoloLens device to collaborate in real time.

Display data generated by various sensors, including ground-penetrating radar.

Collect GIS information, measure areas and distances, generate site sketches, and perform 3D scans directly from vGIS AR.

A few of the many reasons to use the productivity tools of vGIS:

  • Ability to perform multiple tasks with a single convenient app
  • Integration of productivity tools with AR visuals
  • Efficient remote assistance and stakeholder engagement
  • Ability to open API to publish different data in vGIS
  • Complete productivity workflows
  • User-friendly, fast, easy to use