Why vGIS Augmented reality?

vGIS accepts traditional BIM and GIS files (IFC, DWG, DXF, and many others) or pulls data dynamically from Autodesk Build (BIM 360), Bentley iTwin, Esri ArcGIS, and other repositories to create accurate Augmented Reality (AR) views of surrounding infrastructure on the project site.

When combined with common platforms like Autodesk Build and Esri ArcGIS, vGIS automatically incorporates all changes in the AR view as your data changes at the source.

Displaying the current and proposed models as 3D objects in AR gives you a better understanding of your surroundings, increases productivity, helps validate accuracy, reduces errors, and provides a safer work environment.

A few of the many reasons to deploy vGIS:

  • Visuals with centimeter-level accuracy
  • Automated data workflows with Autodesk, Bentley, and Esri platforms
  • Broad compatibility with off-the-shelf commercial hardware
  • Complete productivity workflows
  • Data collection and 3D scanning tools
  • Remote assistance capabilities