View 3D Data in 3D

vGIS Exploration lets you see geological formations, real-time drilling progress, microseismic and production data as natural 3D holograms.

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Your data in full 3D

vGIS Exploration projects mining and exploration data as accurate 3D holograms. Geological information is combined with mine schematics, real-time wellbore information,  extraction progress and microseismic to produce comprehensive holographic visuals.

The geological and production data is sourced in real-time from your existing back-end system, thus eliminating the need for manual data manipulations.

vGIS Exploration holograms can be viewed by multiple users at the same time, simplifying project planning and reviews.

Why vGIS Exploration?

vGIS Exploration displays complex 3D data the way it is meant to be seen – in full stereoscopic 3D. vGIS holograms appear as the natural extension of the physical world, letting the user to grasp all the details—geology, wellbores, mine designs—instantly.

Oil and gas companies understood the importance of visualizing data in 3D for decades. In the past, companies invested tens of millions of dollars into building purpose-created visualization systems just to give their geologist and engineers better tools. vGIS Exploration accomplishes more for much less, putting superior visualization technology within the reach of any engineer, geologist or field services group.



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minutes or less required to configure the system



vGIS can display 100% of GIS data in real-time

Data sources


vGIS can aggregate data from as many data sources as needed

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vGIS Exploration

Designed specifically for Oil and Gas companies, vGIS Exploration works in conjunction with your existing Esri ArcGIS back-end to display wellbores, frac stages, micro seismic events, rock formations, extraction and other data in near real-time.

vGIS Exploration Users

Oil and gas exploration companies, mineral exploration and mining firm rely on visuals produced by vGIS Exploration to conduct site reviews, analyze situations, and make better decisions.

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