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Feb 20, 2020   |  Views : 2462

A lot can happen in a year. The geospatial industry, which has been evolving rapidly, stands witness to that. Perhaps that is why, it isn’t perturbed by frequent disruptions, and has in fact placed disruptions caused by technology innovations at the core. That is also why it is today wary of geopolitical uncertainty and an impending global economic slowdown, rather than stringent government regulations.

With hope taking over fear, as far as automation is concerned, and innovation taking precedence over everything else, the geospatial industry is now gearing up for an all new transformative journey, which will be defined by collaborations and partnerships. And advancements in Artificial Intelligence, along with miniaturization and commoditization of sensors, will play a significant role in this process.

A lot has happened in a year, and like last time, Geospatial World is ready with the latest trends and developments that will go on to shape the future of the industry. Geospatial World Business Leaders’ Outlook 2020 gives insights into the evolving business landscape and emerging technologies.

For this exercise, we reached out to 300+ industry leaders — the people who are integral to the ecosystem, and whose actions and decisions will impact the industry’s future — and received responses from 100+ executives. Our endeavor was also to cover a mix of companies, in terms of geographies, technologies and revenues. The leaders were given a detailed questionnaire to fill — both in multiple choice and elaborative format — and in many cases one on one. We acknowledge the time and patience showed by them while approaching the task. We are glad to feature the thoughts of 90 select leaders in this edition.

We also ran a survey on the Geospatial World website calling on industry professionals to give inputs on a variety of questions. We received responses from over 2,200 geospatial professionals. We are thankful to our readers for their valuable insights.

Based on their thoughts on issues ranging from potential threats facing the industry to preferred business destinations, we bring you unmatched analysis and insights. Read on!

vGIS Team
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