Mixed reality transforms line locating in the field
Mar 28, 2018   |  Views : 2190

By Amy Fischbach

Imagine walking through a neighborhood wearing a mixed reality headset. Look up, and you can pinpoint the voltage of the overhead infrastructure. Shift your gaze downwards, and you can see the underground power lines running beneath your feet.

While this technology may seem like science fiction, it is commercially available today to those utilities with a robust geographic information system (GIS). For example, Toms River Municipal Utility Authority (TRMUA) in New Jersey worked with Meemim Inc., a Toronto-based firm, to combine its ArcGIS platform from Esri and the Microsoft HoloLens headset into a mixed reality application, which combines virtual reality with real-world imagery.

Full article: http://www.tdworld.com/electric-utility-operations/mixed-reality-transforms-line-locating-field

vGIS Team
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