JMEUC to introduce mixed-reality GIS to wastewater treatment facility
Jun 29, 2017   |  Views : 2207

The JMEUC (Joint Meeting of Essex & Union Counties) is moving ahead with the first-of-its-kind implementation of Meemim vGIS to visualize the piping infrastructure of their wastewater treatment facility and surrounding areas.

Meemim’s Mixed Reality solution combines the real world environment, holographic projection and ESRI ArcGIS to allow JMEUC field technicians and engineers to quickly identify pipe routings and equipment, such as valves and pumps, for maintenance, repair and planning purposes. The combination of vertically-stacked indoor and underground infrastructure makes JMEUC’s implementation the first-of-its-kind in the world.


The Joint Meeting of Essex & Union Counties (Elizabeth, NJ) owns and operates the Edward P. Decher Secondary Wastewater Treatment Facility located in Elizabeth, New Jersey and serves eleven member and four customer communities. The facility receives industrial, commercial and residential wastewater from a 65 square mile area in Essex and Union Counties.

About Meemim Inc.

Meemim Inc. (Toronto, ON)  is a Visual GIS and knowledge-management platform vendor with expertise in data presentation and visualization. Current applications, in addition to vGIS, include client customer service portals and the Meemim collaboration productivity suite for project management and small-team collaboration.

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