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Apr 20, 2017   |  Views : 1834

Come and learn about the future of GIS!

We’re pleased to present at the following conferences that are of interest to GIS experts, municipalities, public utilities and utility locator service providers.

NJWEA 102nd Annual Conference – May 8 -12 The NJWEA Conference and Exposition is the largest water environment exposition in the Northeast.

2017 Washington GIS Conference – May 15 – 18  Hosted this year in Tacoma Washington, the conference includes workshops and a trade show for all things GIS-related.

2017 IMAGIN Conference – June 4 to 6 Michigan’s GIS community gets together for keynotes, breakout sessions and GIS-related technology presentations.

ENRGIS 5th Annual Conference – June 5-6, 2017 Energy-focused Geographic Information Systems conference that brings together GIS professionals and spatial data managers from diverse market verticals to discuss innovation and technological advancement.

We’ll be disusing the topic of emerging technologies in GIS, and specifically virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. Meemim speakers will cover applicability of each of these three technologies in the GIS world, review most recent use cases and showcase systems currently in development or at early stages of adoption.

It is a dynamic and highly interactive (videos and live holograms) presentation that gives the audience a glimpse into the future of their industry, as it is expected to be 5-10 years from now.

Hope to see you there!


vGIS Team
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