vGIS Utilities – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We know there's a lot to learn about the vGIS Utilities system. That's why we've published the answers to the most burning questions. If we're missing anything, let us know @vGIS_Map or!



Q: My GIS records are not perfect. Do I need to wait until they are?
A: No. vGIS comes with built-in capabilities to help you improve your GIS data. In fact, we welcome GIS quality challenges, as vGIS helps you not just see your data in the field, but also improve it at no extra cost.


Q: My GIS data is in 2D. Do I need to have z-values?
A: No. vGIS algorithms will transform your data using several advanced methods so you’ll always have 3D visuals in the field.


Q: Do I need to buy special equipment?
A: No. vGIS runs on Android, iPhone, iPad and Microsoft HoloLens, among other devices.


Q: Do I need to buy a HoloLens to use vGIS?
A: No. You can use vGIS on Android, iPhones and iPads that you have already deployed in the field.


Q: Do I need to buy any special hardware from vGIS?
A: No. You can use vGIS on Android, iPhone, iPad and Microsoft HoloLens devices that you have already deployed in the field.


Q: Internal GPS is inaccurate. Does this mean I need to buy external GNSS for vGIS to work?
A: No. vGIS has two calibration methods: a patent-pending vGIS calibration that can achieve 3-cm/1-in. accuracy and an external GNSS-supported location calibration. Both have their own advantages and use cases. Most of our clients—over 95% of users—use vGIS as is without additional GNSS hardware, which helps them minimize or completely eliminate hardware costs.


Q: Does vGIS implementation take a long time?
A: No. Your organization can be up and running within minutes.


Q: Do I need to buy servers to run vGIS?
A: No. vGIS runs in the Microsoft Azure cloud so you can get started in minutes without buying servers to support it.


Q: Is vGIS an experimental technology?
A: No. vGIS has been deployed by many organizations around the world to deliver real-life results.


Q: Are there any extra fees?
A: No. vGIS is has simple, flat pricing that includes everything your organization needs to run it successfully.


Q: We would like to have full control over our system. How would this work with vGIS?
A: We would like you to have full control, too. vGIS comes with a user-friendly admin portal that lets you add and remove users and devices, set up new data sources and audit activities for your vGIS. It is the same tool that we use to manage your company.


Q: Our organization doesn’t want to be involved in system administration. How would this work with vGIS?
A: We offer a number of options for extended support so you can choose the optimal mix of self-service and vendor-provided services.


Q: I’ve seen other augmented reality systems and wasn’t impressed. How is vGIS different?
A: There is a reason vGIS is #1—we are very different from other systems. Please visit our “The vGIS Utilities Difference” page for more information.


Q: Why do pipes in your videos appear to float or move around?
A: The perceived movement of pipes is due to the 3D perspective and the parallax effect. We prepared a short video to explain the illusion – “Why some assets displayed in augmented reality appear to float”.


Still have questions? We will be happy to help. Please visit our “Contact Us” page to submit your inquiry.