High-accuracy Positioning

No more QR codes or markers. vGIS’s HoloLens app uses the same patented and patent-pending algorithms that give vGIS mobile apps their superior accuracy.

The technology enables automatic, real-time outdoor positioning that is accurate to within a centimeter and +/-0.05°, projecting 3D holograms exactly where they should be. vGIS features real-time drift detection that corrects any positioning or directional inaccuracies automatically.

The technology can be applied much more widely than in the use cases that are currently being targeted with the vGIS system, and vGIS licenses positional technology to other companies.

A few of the many reasons to deploy vGIS:

  • Visuals with centimeter-level accuracy
  • Automated conversion of data from multiple BIM, GIS, and 3D scan formats
  • Dynamic bird’s-eye-view capabilities
  • Productivity tools and workflows
  • Remote assistance capabilities