Augmented Reality For Your Construction Site

Use augmented reality (AR) to project holograms of the existing and proposed infrastructure in-field and in real-time.
Improve productivity, reduce delays and enhance project collaboration.

Augmented reality app Esri GIS

CAD and GIS data in Augmented Reality

vGIS Construction combines GIS data with CAD designs to create a unified Augmented Reality (AR) view of the existing and proposed infrastructure at the project site. Existing and to-be-built assets such as water inlets, pipes, lines and others appear in your field of view as a natural extension of the real world. Switch between the views of proposed and existing infrastructure on the fly, or get a combined view of the both to compare.

Choose the device that best suits your purpose—Android or iPhone, a tablet, or even Microsoft HoloLens—to “see” the existing and proposed utility infrastructure  at the project site.

vGIS creates instant situational awareness of your surroundings, saving you time and helping you avoid costly mistakes. Explore the case study below to learn more about vGIS’s real-life benefits.

Augmented reality app Esri GIS

Who uses vGIS Construction?

Engineering and construction management companies use vGIS Construction to help their field services, engineers, GIS specialists, project managers, supervisors and others gain clarity and direction for the work at hand at the job site.

The information such as new designs and existing underground services is presented as to-scale 3D visuals in the context of existing surroundings. Removing the need to interpret drawings or maps reduces delays, speeds up work and minimizes errors.

Project teams, both big and small, deploy vGIS augmented reality to have an accurate, unified and consistent view of CAD drawings and GIS data thus eliminating the gaps arising from multiple versions of the same data and personal interpretations.

Augmented reality app Esri GIS

Why vGIS Construction?

vGIS Construction natively integrates with Bentley iModelHub, Esri ArcGIS and other GIS and CAD formats to create accurate Augmented Reality (AR) views of surrounding infrastructure on the project site.

Seamless integration with Bentley iModelHub and Esri GIS eliminates the need for manual processing—as your project data is updated at the source, the changes automatically appear in vGIS.

Seeing the existing and the proposed infrastructure as 3D objects in their project context result in a greater understanding of one’s surroundings, higher productivity, a reduction in human errors and a safer work environment.

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vGIS Client - Promark-Telecon

vGIS Utilities Video Overview

Esri GIS-powered Augmented reality is transforming infrastructure locate services. Brief video showcasing a few features of the vGIS Utilities.
Product Benefits
Situational awareness
faster understanding of surrounding infrastructure
Asset locates
faster locates of 30 minutes or longer
Time savings
12–20 hours
per month for active users
Meemim has pioneered vGIS technology, allowing organizations like ours, to literally 'see' underground utility locations, in the field, via Microsoft HoloLens. Truly innovative, truly transformative.
  • Len Bundra, Director of GIS and IT
  • Toms River MUA
Key Features
Integration with Esri
Native bi-directional integration with Esri ArcGIS GIS (both Portal and AGOL)
Integration with Bentley
Native integration with Bentley iModelHub
Multi-Format Support
Support of additional common formats, including Revit, Navisworks, Shapefiles, KML and others
3rd-Party API Support
Additional bi-directional integration options through native APIs
IoT Integration
Capabilities of displaying real-time IoT and sensory data in Augmented Reality views
Stable Visualizations
3D Augmented Reality overlays stay “world-locked” by remaining in sync with the physical world
Advanced Collaboration
Integrated holograms, video, and audio that connect the office with field teams
Multi-Device Support
vGIS can be used with iPhones, Android phones, Microsoft HoloLens, and Windows Mixed Reality
No Additional Equipment
vGIS Construction does not require any additional equipment
GNSS Integration
Compatible with high-precision GNSS devices from EOS, Leica, SXBlue, Trimble and others
Multi-View Support
First-person on-site experience and birds-eye “zoom out” site overviews

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